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In 2009, the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH), Society of Oncology and Cancer Research of Nigeria (SOCRON) and the Institute of Human Virology Nigeria (IHVN) conceptualized the Nigerian National System of Cancer Registries (NSCR). Since inception, NSCR has been able to revive national consciousness in cancer registration, successfully setting up cancer registries across the country and in some cases has revived defunct ones.

Cancer in Nigeria [2009-2013]

Click here to download Cancer in Nigeria book published in Nigeria by Nigerian National System of Cancer Registries, Federal Ministry of Health of Nigeria.


Latest News/Events

Nigeria-Diaspora Biomedical Research Virtual Summit

The Director of Ekiti Cancer Registry, Dr Abidemi Omonisi, MBBS, FWACP, FCPath ECSA, has been invited to give a talk ...
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IACR Newsflash: Results Overview of the Cancer Registries and COVID-19 Survey

In mid-May, the COVID-19 and Cancer Task Force, through IACR and GICR, reached out to cancer registries with a survey ...
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Updates on the 2020 Scientific Conference, IACR Noumea

The IACR Board has recently released an official statement explaining the decision to cancel the 2020 IACR Scientific Conference, scheduled ...
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Update on 8th Annual Symposium on Global Cancer Research

We hope this message finds you and your communities safe during the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. As you know, due to ...
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Cancer cases in both sexes reported by
ABCR, CCR and ECR from 2012-2014 time period

Male Cases

Female Cases