• Official launch “World Cancer Report: Cancer Research for Cancer Prevention”

    5 February 2020

    The publication of World Cancer Report: Cancer Research for Cancer Prevention, was launched yesterday, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of World Cancer Day.

    The new World Cancer Report is now available for free download in PDF format from http://publications.iarc.fr/586.

    The press release and other related materials are available here: https://www.iarc.fr/featured-news/new-world-cancer-report/.

    An individual chapter may be cited as follows:
    (2020). . In: Wild CP, Weiderpass E, Stewart BW, editors. World Cancer Report: Cancer Research for Cancer Prevention. Lyon, France: International Agency for Research on Cancer. Available from: http://publications.iarc.fr/586.

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  • IACR Scientific Conference, New Calendonia: Call for Abstracts

    31 January 2020

    The International Association of Cancer Registries (IACR) is pleased to invite you to submit abstracts for oral or poster presentation at IACR 2020, its 42nd annual scientific  conference. Taking place on 13 – 15 October 2020, Noumea, New Caledonia, the meeting is an opportunity to learn from experts in cancer surveillance, cancer registry operations, and cancer research.

    IACR welcomes submissions from colleagues, health professionals, and students interested in cancer surveillance, research, and registry operations. Accepted poster presentations will be considered for the conference’s Poster Awards and oral presenters who meet the criteria for the Enrico Anglesio Award will be eligible to compete for this prestigious award.

    Qualified participants may also apply for IACR fellowships.  Details and application procedures are available here: IACR fellowships

    Topic Areas:

    • Cancer Registration in the Pacific Islands
    • Survival Analysis Studies
    • Data Linkage: Possibilities and Barriers
    • Childhood Cancer
    • Early Detection, Screening and the Role of Registries
    • Current and Emerging Cancer Risk Factors

    Abstracts Submission Deadline: 31 March 2020,  11:50 CET

    All abstracts must be submitted electronically through https://abbey.eventsair.com/PresentationPortal/iacr-2020/presentation-portal/Presentation.  Please note that only registered conference participants may present at an oral session or display a poster (Registrations will open in February 2020).

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  • Keystone Symposia Fellows Program – Applications due Oct 31st

    8 October 2019

    The new and improved Keystone Symposia Fellows Program, a part of the Diversity in Life Science Portfolio (DSLP), is a one-year program that provides leadership and career-development training to early-career scientists from under-represented and disadvantaged backgrounds, to promote their successful career advancement.

    Fellows will develop the necessary skills to pursue leadership and decision-making roles in academic, industry and government sectors through hands-on immersive experience, by working directly with eminent scientists from the Scientific Advisory Board.

    Key programmatic elements are designed to enhance confidence, leadership skills and networking opportunities:

    • Immersion in two SAB meetings, where Fellows will discuss future scientific directions in a unique and inspiring forum with academic, industry and government thought-leaders.
    • One-on-one mentorship pairing with an SAB member, tailored to career trajectory and professional growth goals of the Fellow.
    • Leadership and skills training modules tailored to life science researchers at this critical career stage.
    • Preferred access to travel award support to attend a future Keystone Symposia conference.

    Ongoing peer-to-peer mentorship as part of the Keystone Symposia DLSP community, a distinguished group of UR scientists and advisors representing a strong, supportive and diverse life science network.

    Keystone Symposia is dedicated to ensuring diversity across the life science workforce, such that research and medicine include and reflect the full spectrum of perspectives, insights and needs of a broad community.

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  • Postdoctoral Training Opportunity in Medical & Health Sciences

    8 October 2019

    The Africa Postdoctoral Training Initiative (APTI) provides fellowships to African researchers to spend two years at the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) for professional training and to conduct research in priority areas. APTI is a postdoctoral programme through the partnership of the African Academy of Sciences (AAS), NIH and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF).

    APTI fellows will train in a global health research area of priority for their home institutions and countries, and AAS, BMGF and NIH, while building bridges and lasting connections between the partner organizations and African scientists and institutions. While at the NIH, the fellows must be on leave or sabbatical from their home institution under the NIH Intramural Visiting Fellow Program (https://policymanual.nih.gov/2300-320-3).

    The research priority areas are in infectious diseases, nutrition, and reproductive, maternal, and child health and developing skills for clinical and translational research. Research on other significant burdens of disease in Africa will also be considered.  More information available

    APTI fellows will be expected to lead important research programs in their home countries and institutions. After successful completion of the two-year postdoctoral fellowship, trainees will be provided with 50% salary support for an additional two years to assist their transition into independent researchers.

    The main objective of APTI is to train a cadre of African scientists so they return to their home institutions and become scientific leaders in their community, help solve Africa’s challenges in global health and development, and in turn become trainers of the next generation. A key ingredient is a focus on the home institutions. As such, APTI expects commitment from home institutions to provide a conducive research environment and dedicated research time for the fellows upon their return home. APTI fellows are expected to be a part of an African regional and global web of collaborations connecting to their home institutions. APTI fellows will linked to an existing African and global scientific networks and are expected to nurture these scientific collaborations and relationships.

    Candidate requirements: 

    • Must be citizens of and currently employed in an academic, research, or government position in an African country.
    • Must have a relevant doctoral degree (e.g., PhD, MD, MBBS) awarded no more than 15 years earlier.
    • Must have less than 5 years of relevant research experience following the award of their doctoral degree by their start date at the NIH.  The maximum five years of research experience are only after the doctoral degree has been earned.  Research conducted before the award of the doctoral degree does not count against this time.

    Selection criteria: 

    • Professional merit, scientific ability, and potential future career impact (based on CV, letter of interest, and two reference letters).
    • Assurance and availability of resources from the home institution for a designated, funded research position for the postdoc upon completion of their fellowship (expressed in letter from director/head of research of home institution).
    • Commitment to return to their home country following completion of training (expressed in a letter of interest).
    • A selection committee will ensure the best match of outstanding candidates and NIH laboratory positions. Additional selection factors may include diversity in scientific research areas, geographic origin, and gender.

    Application deadline: December 1, 2019, 1700hrs EAT

    First selection: February 2020
    Interviews: May 2020
    Final selection: by May 31, 2020

    APTI fellows must be prepared to begin their fellowship at NIH no later than September 30, 2020  Visit this link to access the call: The AAS Ishango Online Grants Management System

    For inquiries, please contact: 

    Susan Gichoga
    Grants Officer, African Academy of Sciences
    Phone: +254 709 158100 /101/102/103. Email: apti@aasciences.ac.ke
    Jackie Officer 
    Program Specialist, Fogarty International Center, NIH
    Phone: +1-301-496-4784. Email: jackie.officer@nih.gov
    Stacy Wallick 
    Program Officer, Fogarty International Center, NIH
    Phone: +1-301-496-4784. Email: stacy.wallick@nih.gov

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  • 8th Annual Symposium on Global Cancer Research – Call for Abstracts Now Open

    3 October 2019

    This is to announce that the 8th Annual Symposium on Global Cancer Research (ASGCR2020) will take place on Friday, April 17, 2020, preceding the 11th Annual Consortium of Universities for Global Health Conference in Washington DC. The theme for the ASGCR2020 is “Creative approaches to global cancer research and control”.  The call for abstracts is currently open for those interested in presenting original research, projects, or programs that offer unique insights into global cancer control strategies. Accepted abstracts will be selected for posters or presentations at ASGCR2020, and will be published in the Journal of Global Oncology. The deadline to submit abstracts for consideration is November 22, 2019. With support from Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, competitive travel awards will be awarded to authors of outstanding abstracts from low- and middle-income countries.

    For additional information about ASGCR2020 and abstract submission guidelines, please visit: https://easychair.org/cfp/asgcr8.

    In addition to the call for abstracts, we invite you to submit your 2020 Rachel Pearline Award nominations to recognize individuals who have made major contributions to global cancer research and practice, and whose work focuses on low-and-middle-income countries. The Rachel Pearline Award is presented in honor of Rachel Pearline, MD, MPH, posthumously awarded in 2016 following her death at the age of 38 from gastric cancer. For her work, she received a prestigious Fogarty International Clinical Research Fellowship and Tulane’s award for “Outstanding International Relationships”. Dr. Pearline viewed the practice of medicine as a privilege, always striving to serve her patients better. The 2020 Rachel Pearline Award recipient will be invited to give a keynote lecture at the 8th Annual Symposium on Global Cancer Research.

    The deadline to submit nominations is October 16, 2019.

    The National Cancer Institute Center for Global Health (CGH) is working in partnership with the Consortium of Universities for Global Health; Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center; Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins University; University of Maryland Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum Comprehensive Cancer Center; American Society of Clinical Oncology; and American Association for Cancer Research to host the ASGCR2020.  Registration for the Symposium will open in early 2020.

    Submit your ASGCR2020 presentation abstracts and 2020 Rachel Pearline Award nominations today, and remember to check CGH Global Health Events for the latest meeting and registration information. For questions regarding the Symposium, or about the abstract and award nomination guidelines, please contact Kalina Duncan, Lead Public Health Analyst, CGH.

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  • Apply for the International Development and Education Award (IDEA) and IDEA in Palliative Care (IDEA-PC)

    26 July 2019

    Application period for the International Development and Education Award (IDEA) opens August 1!

    The International Development and Education Award (IDEA) provides support for early-career oncologists in low- and middle-income countries to attend the ASCO Annual Meeting and visit a cancer center in the United States or Canada.

    Modeled after the IDEA program, IDEA in Palliative Care is designed for those who are interested in palliative medicine. Both programs provide continuing medical education, assists in career development, and help recipients establish strong relationships with leading ASCO members who serve as scientific mentors. In addition, recipients receive three years of complimentary ASCO membership. IDEA and IDEA-PC are supported by Conquer Cancer®, the ASCO Foundation.


    Applicants must meet the following criteria to qualify for the IDEA and IDEA-PC:

    • Be a current resident of a country classified by the World Bank as an LMC and have limited resources to attend the ASCO Annual Meeting.
    • Not have completed more than one academic year of “formal training” (for instance, attended medical school, participated in internships, fellowships, or residency programs) in a country classified by the World Bank as High-Income.
    • Be a Full Member, Member-in-Training, or International Corresponding member of ASCO; or submit a membership application in one of these categories.
    • Applicants should be less than 10 years past their oncology training program.
    • Applicants must be fluent in English (both writing and speaking).
    • Must have a demonstrated interest in integrating palliative and supportive care into his/her institution. This may be shown by attending courses on the topic, participating in related clinical activities, etc. (IDEA-PC Applicants Only)

    Applications are due October 31, 2019, by 11:59 PM ET.

    Visit the website to learn more

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  • Training Workshop on Cancer Registration and Epidemiology

    13 June 2019

    The Federal Ministry of Health (FMoH) of Nigeria and the National System of Cancer Registries (NSCR) present A Training Workshop on Cancer Registration and Epidemiology.


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  • NCI Summer Curriculum in Cancer Prevention Program

    20 November 2018
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  • Ministerial administrative assessment of the cancer registries in Nigeria

    3 October 2018

    The Nigeria Federal Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Nigerian National System of Cancer Registries conducted a Ministerial administrative assessment of the cancer registries in Nigeria. The compendium highlights the current status and the needs of the cancer registries with the goal of developing a strategic framework for improving their efficiency and strengthening them.

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  • Global Oncology Young Investigator Award

    26 August 2018

    ASCO’s Conquer Cancer Foundation is now accepting applications for the 2019 Global Oncology Young Investigator Award (GO YIA). The Global Oncology YIA is a one-year grant that provides between $25,000 to $50,000 in research funding to investigators in their last year of training or first two years of employment to encourage and promote quality research in global oncology and to develop the next generation of researchers to address global health needs.
    Apply Now

    The application deadline is September 25, 2018, 11:59 PM (EDT). Recipients will be notified in April 2019.

    For more information, please visit CONQUER.ORG/global-oncology-yia.

    “Global oncology” refers to the application of the concepts of global health to cancer, and implies an approach to the practice of oncology that acknowledges the reality of limited resources in most parts of the world.

    The Global Oncology Young Investigator Award is intended to support:

    • Research by investigators in low resource settings on scientific questions specific to those settings. This research has the potential to offer “reverse innovation” insights that could influence practice in a wide range of practice settings.
    • Research by investigators in high resource settings on issues in resource-limited settings.
    • Collaborative research (high and low resource investigators) on questions of shared concern, such as studying a cancer type that affects a small population in the United States but is common in another country.

    Applicants are encouraged to be innovative in their research proposal. Proposed research projects could include, but are not limited to:

    • Clinical and translational research
    • Innovative care delivery
    • Prevention and palliative care
    • Implementation research
    • Health systems, outcomes, and economics research related to cancer control and care

    Please note the following:

    • Applications from within and outside the United States are welcome.
    • Applicants must be an ASCO member or must submit a membership application with the grant application. To apply for membership or to renew an existing membership, visit asco.org/membership.
    • Applications must be completed in English.
    • Applications must be submitted online.

    Prospective applicants can submit questions to grants@conquer.org.

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