Cancer Registry Data Request Form

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    Name of Data Requestor:

    Name of Cancer Registry involved:

    Date of Agreement:

    This Agreement is entered into on the specified date (“Effective Date”), by you (“Data Requestor”) and between the above-named registry (“Cancer Registry”) and Nigerian National System of Cancer Registries (NSCR).

    1. Purpose for the data collected

    Data collected will only be used for the purpose specified in the request form. Any
    deviation from the specified purpose will lead to a public disclosure and a request will
    be made directly to the journal requesting retraction of any article, abstract, papers,
    books or any other publication or use resulting from the data.

    2. Acknowledgement

    When unanalysed data from cancer registries are provided in response to your request,
    the cancer registry director shall be a co-author in any publication that utilizes the data.

    If the data requested for is analyzed and derived data from the National System of
    Cancer Registries, then the Cancer Control Focal person in the Federal Ministry of
    Health and scientific staff of the National System of Cancer Registries shall be coauthors.

    If researchers use National System of Cancer Registries or individual cancer registries
    data that is already in the public domain, e.g. data published in a book, journal articles
    or website of NSCR, the authors shall reference the source of the materials in the
    standard fashion.

    3. Outcome of Use of Registry Data

    Copies of articles, abstracts, presentations, papers or books publication resulting from
    the provided registry data should be sent to NSCR and the Directors of Cancer
    Registries that provided data for the study.

    4. Modification or Amendment

    No amendment, change or modification of this agreement shall be valid unless in
    writing signed by the parties hereto.

    I attest that this agreement has been read and will be strictly adhered to:

    Name (Data Requestor):





    Section A – Data Requestor Details

    Your Full Name:

    Name of your Institution:

    Your Contact Address:

    Your Institutional Email Address:

    Your Phone Number:


    Section B – Cancer Information

    Cancer site:

    Format of cancer data requested:

    Cancer Registry(ies) Data Requested: (You can do multiple select by holding down CTRL key and clicking on your choices)

    Period of time:




    Section C – Purpose of Request

    Data request rationale/purpose for which data will be used:

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